Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mercy Shines

"God's mercy and faithfulness
shine forth in a world
wounded by sin."

These words have been in my mind and heart this week. They come from the beginning of our Constitutions, and they seem to provide us with a real reason for living.

Our world is wounded by sin--we need only to look at the paper or watch the evening news to see the sinfulness of the world and the harm that it causes.

Yet, the story doesn't end there. I always wish that the news media would tell us more of the goodness, the stories that show the mercy and compassion of human beings toward each other.

The Constitutions go on to talk of God's great Gift of Love to us--the gift of the Son. Our world is wounded, yes, but God is still here with us, loving us, showing us kindness and mercy. I have to hold on to that mercy, or I can easily be swept away in the woundedness of our world.

I love that it uses the word "shine forth." What a beautiful image! In my mind, I can see the darkness of the world being lit upon by God's shining mercy! It's like the brilliant hope of a new dawn, full of grace and peace!

Blessings on the week ahead!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Settling in!

Well, it's been far too long since I first posted here. Sorry for the delay!

My whole world has changed in the last two months, so I'll try to summarize a few things here.

At the end of June, I gave away / sold / threw out nearly all of my possessions, keeping only what fit in the car. Now, I filled every nook and cranny in the car, but still, it's a lot less than what there was.

So I left behind my own apartment, and moved into a community of nuns 600 miles away.

But that's not the end of my summer adventures. I moved my stuff into my new room, and then took off on a road trip to the east coast, ultimately to visit my brother and leave the car with him. My road trip took me through 13 states! It was great fun, and I was very ready to arrive "home" again with my new community.

We then had a nun meeting at the end of July, with all of the sisters in the United States who could come gathering in Chicago. It was an amazing experience, if a little overwhelming to meet so many new faces all at once (there were about 240 present). We discussed direction for the coming years, and committed ourselves anew to ministry with youth (an integral part of our charism) and issues of justice and creation (which are all bound up together).

And here we are. Another school year has begun, and it is good to be in the classroom again. I'm teaching college freshman and sophomores, mostly, and having a great time!

Blessings to all who come upon this page!