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A little gem

I'm preparing a little presentation on Janet Erskine Stuart, RSCJ, the sixth Superior General of the Society of the Sacred Heart.  I just came across this lovely quotation from her first circular letter as Superior General, written in 1911:  "May God give to each a heart as clear as a diamond, too noble, too pure to let itself be disturbed by petty misunderstandings, little prejudices, mean and unworthy thoughts." Let it be so!

A little note of gratitude

I just had a call from a sister far away, and she was asking me to reflect on community life with her... Out of that call, I am inspired to write this little post on Gratitude. I am grateful for "this little Society" (which our foundress often called it), for the love my sisters offer freely and generously, for being valued as a unique woman with unique gifts and unique needs, for being challenged to grow into my best self..for so much, I find my heart swelling with gratitude today. So, thank you, sister of the morning call, and sisters who bring so much life and love to me. Ah!  The glory of God, present to me on this Lenten Monday.

Preaching Mardi Gras

How does one preach on Mardi Gras?  Lucky for me, the readings were fertile ground.  Quite literally, even.  So, here is today's mid-day prayer homily, based on the first mass reading, Genesis 1:20-2:4a.   For most of the last two years, I had the great fortune to live in San Diego at our novitiate.   And if you live in San Diego for a limited time, you make the effort to spend time at the beach as often as possible.   The ocean was a great solace to me at a time when everything within me was shifting and changing, taking on the identity of a religious.   I could look over the waters and find God’s greatness in the immensity of the ocean, and great peace in the serene surface of blue. Every once in a while, that blue surface broke to reveal a fin and a little arch of blue-grey —a dolphin, that is.   Sometimes we would glimpse a whale far in the distance.   While I found peace on the ocean’s calm surface, seeing these creatures reminded me that there is so much more out the