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Voicing Our Dreams

Giving Voice January 2012 Last weekend, eighteen young women religious from (I think) fifteen different congregations came together in Phoenix.  We talked about our lives, our hopes and dreams, our sorrows, and just shared our stories with each other and with God.  We have much in common, and yet we have very different lives.  Part of the beauty of the group is the many ways we go about God's work.  The many different charisms of our different religious orders share that one goal: seeking God's kingdom.  I love that! This was the prayer center we created.  We each painted a votive holder. Another sister who was there shared the details of the weekend on her blog, The Life of a New Sister , and so I'll send you to her to read that.  She also posted the poem that we worked from all weekend, Edwina Gateley's "The Sharing" -- lovely! Another joy of the weekend for me was the road trip!  I was the only one of the 18 who was able to dr