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Pigs and Pigeons

It has been way too long since I've posted! Today I preached for our mid-day prayer service, an impossible gospel!  And so I would like to share my preaching here.  Today's gospel reading was Mark 5:1-20, the healing of the Gerasene demoniac, but I also talk about yesterday's gospel, the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple.  Both readings can be found at the USCCB's website . -------------------------- The contrast between the Gospel reading from yesterday and that of today is striking.   Yesterday, the infant Jesus was brought to the temple by his parents to fulfill the sacrifice required by the Law.   There in the temple, they met Simeon and Anna, who recognized the greatness of the tiny, helpless infant. Today, we see the adult Jesus, a strong, miracle-worker, who casts out a legion of demons from a man who had been tormented for a very long time. Instead of being received by the local community with open arms and great praise, Jesus is met with fear an