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First Vows and Transitions Galore!

Well, it has taken me a month, but I think I'm finally ready to write about making my first vows!  I'm really not sure why it's taken so long, except that I was traveling, moved, and started a new job in that one short month, so I've been distracted and busy! The day was beautiful--but a sweltering 104 degrees.  Thank you, St Louis!  My poor Montana family might have died, but, fortunately, everything is air-conditioned.  The celebration took place in St Charles, Missouri, at the Shrine of St Philippine Duchesne, the Religious of the Sacred Heart who brought the order to America in 1818.  The chapel was beautiful, as you can see in the pictures, and I think everyone was very happy to be there.  My whole family came, my one sibling and his family, my parents, and my two living grandparents (I'm sure the others were with us, too).   I'm really happy.  That must be a good sign.  At the same time, I'm struggling with the transition of moving to a new