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Unity in Diversity

I am preaching on the first reading today, for a mid-day prayer service.  The reading is Ephesians 3:2-12, and can be found here .  And here is my reflection!             When I was in graduate school, there was another student who was agnostic, studying theology but from the outside looking in, while the rest of us were on the inside looking at something we already believed.   She was a great student, very bright and eager to learn.   When she started teaching, she gave it her all, and became a good teacher.   As we got to know each other, our friendship taught me two things.   First, she was a seeker, always looking for God, even though she would not have spoken of her search in that way.   It was like she could see that the beauty of creation pointed to the divine, but she wasn’t yet ready to say that the divine exists.   That seed of desire for God was deeply implanted in her heart, even though she did not recognize it as such.             The second thing I learned