On Monday, we had a feast day here (the patron of El Ejido, so a very local feast) and my community went for an outing together. We passed this:

I giggled for miles. Erh, kilometros.  I'm still a little giggly about it. I don't know that they can be seen well in the photo below, but there are also tepees and storefronts. This area was used as a filming location for "spaghetti westerns," including also some scenes from The Good, The Bad, and The  Ugly.  I'm not sure what else. It is in many ways like the southwest of the United States...and yet it is so far away.


Across the highway was a medieval Arabic (Arabian? Not sure the right word) castle... we couldn't find a way up via car (I think we could have hiked, but that wasn't on the agenda).

Our destination took us past "mini-hollywood" to a town called Sorbas, population 2,400. It's just a sweet little pueblo in the mountains of Spain, surrounded by olive trees. It has several craftspeople who do ceramics and an old (but still functioning) Arabic kiln.

The highlight for me was the Yarn Museum, Museo de Lana. 

All of this was for me a sort of farewell, as I leave on Friday to continue my Spanish adventures in Granada and then Madrid. The farewells continue until tomorrow, and it's rough! I will miss the people here and I take them with me in prayer and in my heart. 

I go from here to see some of the Spanish RSCJ province's  other works with migrants, and I anticipate continuing to learn a lot about what they face when they come to a foreign country to live. I'm looking forward to it, and will keep this space updated!

I hope this finds each of you well. With many blessings!

- Juliet

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