The Faithfulness of God

This phrase -- the faithfulness of God -- has been in my heart and head.  We celebrated the 40th anniversary of final profession for three sisters yesterday afternoon, and this idea was part of the prayer and reflections.  

My life has been filled lately with leavetaking.  I'm preparing to move in a week, leaving behind a city that has been my home for most of the last 10 years, and a group of women, my religious sisters, whom I love deeply.  My heart has been heavy, even though I know that what awaits me on the other end is good and beautiful -- another group of amazing women who are my sisters, and entrance into the novitiate.

The prayer reminded me yesterday that no matter how heavy this leavetaking feels, I am supported by and grounded in God's faithfulness.  God will not abandon me, and remembering that brings me peace.  My fears, doubts, sadness are so small when compared to the profound faithfulness of God.  When I look over the last year, and even over the course of my lifetime, I can see that faithfulness at work in both big and small things in my life.  I'm glad for the reminder to see what has been there all along.

So, how has God been faithful in your life?

And a song...


Helen said…
I am back from a wonderful two weeks in San Diego and, after a vacation on Coronado with my sister and her husband (they live there in the summer), I made my retreat at USD - the campus is gorgeous and I had a pass to use the pool. You will love just walking around the campus and sitting in the gardens. Be sure to find the benches at the back of the lovely Peace building. I spent a great deal of time going over the history of the Society in connection with my own history. I will be praying for you as you settle in to a time when you can be more contemplative so take advantage of the quiet prayer time that will be yours plus all the time for reflection.
Love and prayer, Helen

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