Faithfulness and Love

"When Jesus talks about faith, he means first of all to trust unreservedly that you are loved by God." --Henri Nouwen

I am loved by God.

God wants for me to be most fully who God created me to be, and God will help me to find and fulfill that longing - that's love.

Ah.  Humbling - joyful - immensely incomprehensible. 

May each of us, like Mary, offer a faithful "YES" response to the love that God offers.

Happy Feast!


Julie said…
Thanks! I needed this if only I could figure out who God created me to be! ;)
Ah! Julie! God created you to be LOVED and to be LOVE! And I think you are doing it!

Kisses to that precious little girl! And blessings to you!
Helen said…
I am so glad you are back as I miss your thoughts. I was about to write to you as you are in my prayer. Happy feast of St. John of the Cross. Love and prayer, Helen
Thank you, Helen!!! It's hard to write--so many of my thoughts are so interior. I guess that's part of being a novice. Thank you for your prayer. I miss you!


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