Light of the World! Salt of the Earth!

Today's gospel always make me think of the Godspell song....


Let your light shine!

The last week has been so busy for me.  My birthday was Tuesday (I'm 32!!) and my dad is here to visit.  Unfortunately, my classes aren't just canceled because I have a guest, so I've had little down time.  We've been having a good time--at the beach, at some of the sights around town, and with my community.  Having family meet community for the first time always makes me a little nervous, but invariably it's a good experience for everyone.


That should read "makes me think." Sorry, grammar police!
Helen said…
Happy Birthday a bit late, but I will pray for you today. I leave for Arizona and a family visit tomorrow. Will you tell me how I can include videos in my blog? I really have received some beautiful videos attached in e-mails and would love to post them, but do not know how to do it. There is no hurry, but I would be most grateful.
I am so glad your Dad was there with you.
Love and prayer, Helen

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