Good News and Retreat!

So that I don't seem too negligent in keeping this blog updated... I have a bit of good news!  I have been approved to make first vows!  Woohoo!  They will be in July in St Charles, Missouri, at the Shrine of St. Philippine Duchesne!  I'm very happy. 

And second piece... today I begin a 30-day Ignatian the silence will be intentional for awhile!  Please say a little prayer for the Society of the Sacred Heart and for peace in our world!

Good bye until June.  May God bless all who come here.


Helen said…
I will be praying for you during your 30 day retreat. It is such a grace! I am also thrilled that I can be at your vow ceremony. Love and prayer, Helen
Colleen said…
Congratulations on being approved for first vows. I am a graduate of the Houston school and member of the Houston Associates group. May your retreat give you deep peace, joy and connection.

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