A day of contrasts

Today we learned that one of our sisters from Australia was on board the plane that was shot down yesterday over Ukraine.  Her name was Phil (Philomene) Tiernan, and she was much loved by so many.  I had only met her about three weeks ago, and had lovely and meaningful conversations in a very short time.  She will be missed, that is certain.  Her presence on that plane makes the violence of our world more real and personal, too.  (Her story has been picked up by news sites, which include some lovely pictures:  try here, and here, and from our own website.)

On a completely other note, today is the second anniversary of my first vows.  I know I'm in the right place, and that makes me totally content with life right now, and yet life can be a little sad, too.  So, today, as I give thanks for the Society of the Sacred Heart, my own little heart is tenderly holding my sisters and remembering the fragility of all that we have. 


Dear Victoria,

Thank you for your concern. I assure you I am a faithful Roman Catholic, with full knowledge of the councils you mention. However, I truly believe that when over 2000 bishops from every corner of the world came together at the Second Vatican Council and made radical decisions nearly unanimously, that they were guided by the Holy Spirit. I can't imagine that many bishops coming to agreement in any other circumstances. Thus, the changes of the council hold the weight of God's guidance. I'm sorry you don't agree. Let us pray for each other and for peace in the world, but especially in our church and among Christians themselves.

God bless you,
Sr. Juliet

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