Chronicles of a New Adventure!

I wasn't sure why I kept this blog alive -- other than not seeing a reason to delete it. And now, the reason to keep it is here. A new adventure starts this week! A blog re-boot begins now, to tell the stories and share the pictures. I hope you enjoy.

This adventure is the next stage of my formation as a Religious of the Sacred Heart. You can flip through the older blog posts to read the chronicles of my first years in formation, through my first vows and into my years as "professed of temporary vows." Now that six and a half years have passed since my vows ceremony, I am beginning to prepare for perpetual profession. Adventure time! The first stage of preparation is called an international experience. I am leaving on Sunday, December 16, to spend the next six months in southern Spain. Our Spanish sisters have had a ministry there for decades to assist migrants with their adjustment into Europe. Migrants come from all over Africa to work in acres of greenhouses in Almería, growing vegetables year round to serve throughout Europe. I will be working with the other RSCJ there in a variety of areas. Come back here to learn more! (Also, check out these links: Bantaba article; Las Norias; Summer activities)

Following six months in Spain and two months back home in St. Louis, I will spend five months in Rome for "probation" (which sounds much better in languages other than English). Probation is a time of more intense formation, prayer, and time with sisters. I will join with other RSCJ from around the world, and we will spend five months together, learning more about our congregation and one another... and I don't know what else. Stay tuned!  All of it leads to a life-long commitment to God in the Society of the Sacred Heart, to be professed publicly sometime in January 2020. God is good, and I am happy.

I hope you will come back and journey along with me. I will do my best to update this space weekly, with photos along the way. Send me a note now and then, and know that I will be praying for each one of you.

Photo note: This is not the Mediterranean. It's the Pacific, at sunset..... I look forward to living near water again, even if it's temporary!


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