Wednesday, September 23, 2009


We just had a lovely evening of community -- all 7 of us together for prayer, then a leisurely dinner, and then games!  We celebrated a birthday, and it was so lovely to spend time together without having to rush off to other responsibilities.

I'm very grateful for this time in community.  I loved living alone, but it's wonderful to come home to people, generous people who care about how my day was and what's on my mind.  And I care about them, too!

On another note, one of my students asked me today, out of the blue, "So, can you ever leave the convent and get married?"  I could help laughing (it was really random), but then it sparked a brief discussion about what this life is about, and what this commitment means.  I think it's easiest to compare to a marriage: I am committed to it, but sometimes people do walk away.  (As one of my friends responded, it's not like the pope has a gun to my back demanding that I stay!)  And then I also was able to explain that I'm in the "engagement" stage--that I haven't yet made those vows, but that I am committed to the relationship nonetheless.

If only I had thought to mention that I'm marrying Jesus.....I wonder how that non-Catholic student would have reacted....

Good Night to all!

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Helen said...

It did me good to read what you said about community! It is true that we are there for one another and it is good to celebrate together and have fun, but just being in the house and knowing that each is interested in whatever is going on in our own life and ministry is a grace. I look forward to being with your community soon and seeing you in St. Louis.
Love and prayer, Helen