Prayer of Silence

I had a little talk with one of my classes last week about spirituality, and about the importance of silence in the growth of relationship with God.

It's fascinating to me to hear some of the responses.  Some of my students are simply afraid of silence.  I'm not entirely sure where that comes from, but I think it's partly that noise allows them to avoid thinking about difficult things.  And they have plenty of noise--television, ipods, phones, etc etc etc.  Plus most of them live in dorms--I'm sure it's hard to find quiet at all in the dorms.

Advent seems like a good time to spend silence with Jesus.  To just be.  Not to think about what's happening today, or who needs prayers, or anything at all.  Just to be with Jesus. 

We might even hear something we like.  At the very least, I think silence gives me a better sense of who I am, a reminder of what's deepest in my heart.  It's hard to be silent--my mind wanders into words, and I have to consciously grasp at silence once again.  And over and over again, but eventually the silence sinks in, and I can enjoy it.  Then, I just am, with Jesus, who just is with me.  I know that I am loved, and that me being me is what Jesus wants.


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