A Vulnerable God

Merry Christmas, All!

I heard a wise woman speak last week about the Incarnation and the idea of vulnerability.  On Christmas, we celebrate the fact that God became a tiny baby.  God, out of love for all of us, became human.  Think of how vulnerable an infant is -- totally dependent on parents for food, shelter, safety, love...  and yet our God chose to become that incredibly vulnerable, just for us.

The speaker went on to talk of our divinization.  God became human that we might become godly.  And we become more like God by opening our hearts and being vulnerable.  Love makes us vulnerable, because when we love another, we suffer with and for them, feel what they feel, and risk the pain of loss ourselves.  Our love, our vulnerability, is necessary if we are to follow Christ.

I've been thinking a lot about that idea, and also about the connection to the cross.  Really, the vulnerability of the God-human is shown in its extreme in the events we celebrate during Holy Week.  But that's what the Incarnation is about--our salvation, which comes through the resurrection of Christ, happens only because he was vulnerable enough to suffer and die on the cross.


mary camilleri said…
I would like to send you an email to ask for advice but there seems to be no address on your lovely blog. A group of teachers is organising a Catholic Education Conference. As a lecturer do you see a need for such a conference at this level. I know you are many miles away but we would love to reach out to the many dedicated lecturers in our University here in Malta by giving them this forum and then helping them to network with each other. Do you think you could send me your email address. Many thanks and God bless you
Mary and friends
Hi, Mary. I just added a gadget on the right side of the blog that will give you my email address in a slightly more secured way (prevents spam). If it doesn't work for you, we can try something else.

I'd love to hear what you are thinking of for your conference, and a little more information about you! Networking is always a great idea, and has been a great help to me in teaching as well.

Sister Juliet

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